New & Noteworthy

New in Time & Timing!

Lots of news about T&T.

In March, we moved onto a new server. Faster, better, smarter, all that good stuff.  Uh, except that some parts of T&T got erased in the process. This page and the Tips & Comments page, for instance. So, here’s an update about what we’be been up to and will be up to.

As for new sections and features, T&T sports quite a few. First, we’ve added a Ranking feature to Universal Histories, aka The Big Enchilada.

In The Big E, simply select the markets, months, years and period of the year in which you’re interested, then click on ‘’Show Performance Rank’’. T&T will retrieve the pertinent info, then arrange the selected markets by performance over your chosen years. Performance is measured by percentage price move up (or negative if a market has moved down in your chosen period of the year) from the start date of the period to the end date. We’ve found that examining this type of data is very useful when selecting two months to use in a spread.  No doubt, you’ll find other uses for the Ranking feature!

We’ve added a new section to T&T, too. The new Analog Year Studies will quickly compare a current-year contract with as many previous years as you like, and select and rank the previous years by the closeness of their behavior to the current year. The idea here is that if, say, prices in 1992 behaved very much like this year’s prices have behaved up to now, then it’s reasonable to consider that prices later on this year may imitate 1992’s prices to a good degree. And, you can produce two- or multi-year comparison charts with just one click.

Additionally (in the aid of finding good spreading ideas, as mentioned above), a single click on T&T Autospread at the Analog Year Results Page will take the two best-performing contracts in your list of markets and the 2-worst performing contracts, turn them over to The SpreadMaster, and display for you the histories of all four best-vs-worst-performer spreads.  Try it out—a ton of useful info with a single click!

Also, we’re in the process of giving T&T a pretty thorough makeover. We’re changing the font to be more readable, and the pages to be more usefully laid out. We’ve eliminated a few errors, too—many thanks for your reports of various things that weren’t working quite right!

A couple of subscribers have said that T&T is a little ‘’intimidating’’ for newer traders, too much data, too many possibilities. Fair enough, there certainly are a lot of possibilities in T&T. So, to “deintimidatize” (or whatever word that should be) we’re in the process of adding all sorts of ‘’Easy’’ buttons on various pages—to make your options clearer on the results pages, to make it more obvious how to get Help! on specific topics.