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Time & Timing, Mark II…faster, and with new features

Finally, after innumerable delays and technical problems, Mark II of T&T is here.

We hope you’ll like the leaner, faster format of the Query pages, and the large number of new links we’ve added to the various history pages.

Also, we’ve added several new features for you.  First, ‘’Quickies’’.  By simply entering a ticker symbol in the text box next to Quickies, you can find out immediately A) any seasonal trading ideas coming up, B) the 15-year history of your market over the next 45 days, C) the partially optimized price history of your market over the next 45 days, D) the 5- and 11-year histories of the behavior of your chosen market during each month of the year, and E) a comparison study of this year’s price behavior in your market to previous years, with a view toward finding the best analog years.

As usual in T&T, on any of these pages, you can click on what’s all this mean? to find out complete details of what each page represents.

Second, you can now analyze any market in order to determine the optimum number of days to use in moving averages for a given market.  It turns out that there is a lot of variation, from market to market, in the ‘best’ number of days to use in a moving average (contrary to what some texts indicate...).  Check out ‘Moving Average Cross Studies’, and see for yourself !

Next, we’ve added a link on a number of pages so that you can see—immediately—how closely a particular market has followed its historical seasonal tendencies this year.  Just click on recent seasonal trades, anywhere you see it, for a complete set of results for a market’s seasonal trading results over the past 90 days.

If you have a spare minute, please take the T&T User Poll, and let us know what you think of the new format and the new features.  We’re always very interested in your views and comments!


Stu, Alex, Drew...and, of course, Lee