New & Noteworthy

More new features in Time & Timing—May 4, 2009

The Index Page was beginning to get a bit unwieldy and require scrolling (which we hate) in order to see all of T&T’s possibilities.  So, we’ve created sub-index pages (menus, if you like), which are more easily accessible.  In essence, we’ve traded 1 click for a scroll—and clicking is much faster.

The Seasonal Analyses menu contains T&T’s Seasonal Futures, Seasonal Spreads, Monthly Stats, and The Scorecard.

The Historical Analysis menu contains The Big Enchilada (universal histories), The SpreadMaster, T&T’s If-Then Studies, Analog Years, Big Moves and the Aftermath, and Market Snapshots.

The Event-Driven menu contains Moving Average Crossover Studies, End-Of-Month Studies, Holiday Studies (new!), Full Moon Studies (just for fun), and our brand-new ANYDAY studies.  More on that below

Holiday Studies let you examine the behavior of markets within 4 trading days, either side, of the major market holidays.  As we all know, markets don’t ever trade differently around holidays...nahhh.  Pretty useful to learn how the relative thin-ness of some markets near holidays affects trading patterns!

Also—by subscriber request, no less—we’ve put up ANYDAY studies.  Pick an absolute date like March 12, or pick a relative date like the 3rd Thursday in June, and T&T will show you, in complete detail, how your favorite markets have behaved around that date, over as many years as you like.  (No kidding, a natural gas-trading friend of ours insisted to us that NG trades in generally predictable patterns right after the Kentucky Derby, which always occurs on the first Saturday in May.  He’s pretty well correct, too!)