Time & Timing: Blazingly Fast, Amazingly Useful

Time & Timing is a set of carefully compiled databases of historical information about futures markets’ price movements that will 1) help you locate highly effective trading ideas, and 2) save you huge amounts of time in doing so.

Time & Timing is the original no-lose proposition — try it out before you subscribe. You will be surprised, perhaps even amazed, at just how useful it is in your research and trading. Try it absolutely free: go to The T&T WebApp now and sign up for a 30-day trial.  And, unlike quite a lot of websites offering ‘’free trials’’, your free trial will give you access to all of T&T, the entire website, and all its powerful analytical tools, for all the markets we track.

More information about Time & Timing

It’s straightforward and pretty easy to collect vast amounts of price data on markets. However, raw data, while useful, isn’t nearly as valuable to the trader as data that is organized and collated in a trading-oriented manner and for the distinct purpose of locating trading opportunities.

That’s what Time & Timing offers: the only affordable futures price history databases on the planet organized and designed to let you select and and analyze historical, seasonal, and short-term price tendencies in the futures markets fast, according to your interests, over any period(s) of the year, and in great detail.

T&T lets you look at (almost) everything — fast!

We regularly examine billions (literally!) of historical and seasonal trading ideas, over the last nine months of the lives of futures contracts in every major North American market and numerous European markets.  Our historical records go back to the 1970s and 1980s (after all, there weren’t any energy futures in the 1970s, right?), and you can analyze older market data just as easily as you can analyze this year’s data if you find it useful to do so.

Straight futures trades? Of course. This is the heart of T&T.

Spreads?  We examine the most popularly spread markets, beans, corn, wheat, cattle, hogs, energies. Not to mention lots of inter-market spreads, too: cattle vs hogs, gold vs silver, beans vs corn, corn vs oats, all the wheat spreads (well, except Winnipeg).

Currency crosses? Sure, for all the major currencies.  Be sure to try out the ‘SpreadMaster’ feature of T&T to see these in fine detail. The BTU spread in Crude vs Natural Gas, too.  And Crude vs each product. Heat vs Unleaded. Notes vs Bonds, 10s vs 5s, Fats vs Feeders. And, we’re adding other intermarket spreads frequently. If you don’t see your favorite intermarket spread, just let us know!

A huge collection of monthly stats, and much more

How about studies of what occurs after large, fast market moves? Is it advantageous to trade along with the move, or to fade it, or is this a matter of which market(s) made the move?  The only way to know the answers here is to look at the data, right? So, we do look, and we make the results available to you with just a few clicks. Also, we absolutely welcome your ideas for looking at historical tendencies, short- or long-term, that we haven’t yet examined.

Other studies?  Certainly. A vast collection of monthly stats on all the markets. Average movement, patterns of new contract highs and lows, days that move 1, 2, or 3 per cent or more, white and black candlesticks, you name it.

How about studies of just which moving averages have the highest predictive value in your favorite market(s)?  Yes, indeed — and, some textbooks and ‘gurus’ notwithstanding, T&T has found that the most effective number(s) of days to use for a moving average varies widely from market to market.

Better still, in many of T&T’s studies, you can tell T&T to find values for the parameters in your studies that historically have optimized trading results in your selected market(s). 

Only the very best historical trading possibilities

None of this discussion is either hype or puffery, period. We have culled out, from about 1.5 billion seasonal and short-date trading ideas, the very best historically valid and reliable trading possibilities there are. Don’t believe it? The proof is in the looking, so take a look at The T&T WebApp and see for yourself, by all means!

Even more importantly from your standpoint, we update all the databases regularly, daily in most cases, every 90 days for the futures and spreads seasonal studies. And, we’re constantly adding more markets and types of analyses that our subscribers want.

What’s our track record?  We don’t have one, and that’s deliberate.

Time & Timing isn’t about telling anyone what to trade or how to trade it. It’s about letting you, the trader, the analyst, the broker, get your hands on an enormous amount of accurately collated and organized data that will help you trade in your preferred markets, likely even more successfully than you are today. Just go to The T&T WebApp, do the quick signup (very short) and use T&T as you like for a full month.