New & Noteworthy

More new features in Time & Timing—May 4, 2009

The Index Page was beginning to get a bit unwieldy and require scrolling (which we hate) in order to see all of T&T’s possibilities.  So, we’ve created sub-index pages (menus, if you like), which are more easily accessible.  In essence, we’ve traded 1 click for a scroll—and clicking is much faster.

The Seasonal Analyses menu contains T&T’s Seasonal Futures, Seasonal Spreads, Monthly Stats, and The Scorecard.

The Historical Analysis menu contains The Big Enchilada (universal histories), The SpreadMaster, T&T’s If-Then Studies, Analog Years, Big Moves and the Aftermath, and Market Snapshots.

The Event-Driven menu contains Moving Average Crossover Studies, End-Of-Month Studies, Holiday Studies (new!), Full Moon Studies (just for fun), and our brand-new ANYDAY studies.  More on that below

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Lots of new features for our subscribers—April 20, 2009

We’ve spent April adding a flock of new features for you.

First, not really a feature, but our phone number has changed.  It’s now (314) 828 7388 in the US.  Please feel perfectly free to give us a buzz any time you have a question, a suggestion for a new feature, or (oops!) encounter a problem!

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New in Time & Timing!

October 1, 2008

Time & Timing’s new Mark II version has a wealth of new features, a new subscriber interface that lets you use T&T much more quickly, and much more interplay among T&T’s various analysis tools.

Two new departments.  The first is ‘’Quickies’’—just type a market ticker symbol, press [Enter], and T&T will show you several pages of results of T&T’s analyses for that market with just 1 click per page.  It doesn’t get any faster than Quickies!

The second is Moving Average Crossover Analysis.  The notion that one duration of a moving average is useful for all markets is simply nonsense, and has bothered us for years.  Now, using T&T, you can quickly find which moving averages for which markets have had the highest predictive effect in their respective markets in recent history.

In a number of T&T’s departments, there’s a new link on the ‘history’ page(s) of the market(s) you select:  recent seasonal trades.  Click this link, and you’ll immediately see how well recent seasonal trades in that market have done.  Every year, some markets follow their historical seasonal tendencies very closely, while some behave very erratically, even counter to their usual seasonal tendencies.  Use this link to learn—immediately!—how reliably your selected market(s) have behaved over the last few months.

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