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When you can’t find it, you create it yourself

Time & Timing traces its history to the famous ‘Voice from the Tomb’. This was a set of trading ideas that was enormously popular in the 1960s and 1970s.  Someone, whose name we’ve never known, and using only pencil and paper (!), studied decades of grain prices and came up with an optimized set of entry and exit dates in many markets.  These types of studies have come to be known since as ‘’seasonal’’ studies.

In 1974, a young broker working for the largest retail futures brokerage of the day, Clayton Brokerage Company of St. Louis, had an idea.  The recent advent of minicomputers had lowered business computing costs radically, thought he, so why not use a computer to replicate and update the ‘Voice from the Tomb’ for all futures markets.  The clients already loved the Voice’s analyses, wouldn’t a ‘modern’ computerized analysis be even more appealing to them?  A killer marketing idea, so the broker thought, years ahead of then-current industry research.  The company could lease out the results of the research, too, for nice hefty fees.

Well, the company, for whatever reason, wasn’t interested.  In fact, it was downright hostile to the broker’s idea, He became disgusted and left the futures industry shortly thereafter, spending the next 30-odd years designing customized computer applications for business.

As it happens, I was that broker, and I forgot about the idea of a ‘’master’’ analysis of seasonal trading ideas.  In 1991, I was asked.to design a risk-management system for a copper smelting company, and while doing so kept running into—guess what?—seasonal tendencies in the price of copper.  This rekindled my old idea; surely by now, someone had written that master analysis, right?

If someone had done so, I couldn’t find it.  Spent about 6 years looking for it, and the only similar ideas and products I found were at proprietary trading desks in banks and commodity funds.  They were perfectly happy to lease out their ideas and their software, though — at upwards of $20,000 per month.  Uhh, no thanks.

A little frustrated at this fruitless search, I began writing some programs to do various historical and seasonal analyses on futures markets.  Over 5 or 6 years, the number of these programs became pretty substantial, and several trader friends kept asking for their results. I was writing a book for John Wiley & Sons at the time, and wasn’t too interested in doing generalized research for my friends.  That is, until one day when one of them said, “Stu, you dummy, why don’t you put your databases up on the Web?  If Don (another friend) and I want this kind of research, don’t you think that lots of other people will, too?”

He was right, of course, and I began working on what would become Time & Timing in 2005.  I won’t waste your time with a lot of puffery, but the plain fact is that Time & Timing is an outstanding research product.  It will save you enormous amounts of research time.  It will be invaluable in helping you find trading ideas and refine your trading strategies.  Bottom line? It will help improve your trading and your profitability.  (It’s also great for settling bets, like ‘’What was the first year (or the first exact day) that Chicago Wheat traded over $6.00?)

Also, Time & Timing is driven by you, our subscribers.  Have an idea, or a suggestion, or a type of analysis you’d like to see?  Tell us, and we’ll implement it (if we can, of course) — fully one-third of Time & Timing’s many features have come straight from our subscribers, and we simply love suggestions.

Be our guest. Try it out, free.

Time & Timing is completely free for a full month — the whole site, not just one or two parts .  One more thing:  when you’re using T & T, if you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact us via either our Feedback feature or via phone during any business day.  We believe firmly in giving top-notch service to our subscribers, and will be delighted to assist you ... anytime!

Best wishes, and good trading to you!

Stu Johnston
your friendly neighborhood proprietor of Time & Timing