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Comprehensive, powerful data for seasonal futures trading

Time & Timing's mission: to provide you with absolutely top-quality historical information about seasonal futures and seasonal spreads trading in order to save you huge amounts of your research time, (the only commodity for which demand always exceeds supply, true?)

Time & Timing is an innovative and easy-to-use set of databases, and it's blazingly fast, even on a dial-up connection.   There do exist huge databases of good historical information and analysis — if you don't mind paying thousands of dollars per month to use them.  However, there is nothing like Time & Timing for speed, ease of use, affordability ($269.00 a year, ridiculously inexpensive), and, of course, vast amounts of historical information.

Don't take our word for it, though. Why not see for yourself?

Right now, this minute, just go to The WebApp, take 30 seconds for a very short signup, then help yourself to T&T's wealth of historical market data on futures and spreads — absolutely free for a month.

More about Time & Timing

Anyone can collect huge databases of historical market prices and offer them for sale. A number of companies do just this.  But raw data, while useful, isn't nearly as valuable to the trader as data that's been carefully organized and collated in a trading-oriented manner and for the distinct purpose of locating trading opportunities.

Time & Timing is the only affordable set of futures price history databases on the planet, organized and designed to let you select and view seasonal and short-term price tendencies in the futures markets fast, according to your interests, at any time of the year, and in great detail.


  • T&T has examined over a billion possible seasonal trading and seasonal spreading ideas, pairwise by entry date and exit date, over the last nine months of the lives of the various futures contracts in all the principal American markets.  Then, we've culled out only the very best, the most historically reliable possibilities, so that you can find them P.D.Q.
  • T&T has looked at roughly 232 million straight futures trades, pairwise by entry date and exit date, over periods of 8, 11, and 14 years.
  • T&T has checked just under half a billion spread possibilities, in the most popularly spread markets, beans, corn, wheat, cattle, hogs, energies. Inter-market spreads, too: currency crosses, the "BTU" spread between crude and natural gas, heat vs. unleaded, wheat vs. corn, and many more.
  • Can't find a trade you like in T&T's research databases?  Not a problem!   Use T&T's Universal Histories, and look up the history of any trade or intramarket spread, at any time of the year, for as many years as you like.
  • We've assembled a vast collection of monthly stats on all the markets. Average movement, maximum movement, patterns of new contract highs and lows, days that move 1, 2, or 3 per cent or more, white and black candlesticks, you name it.
  • We've compiled studies on a considerable and growing number of short-term trading strategies, and we've still more to add.  These include analyses of short-dated trades in front of and just after a number of possible market-moving events: holidays, month-ends, and more.
  • T&T's databases are updated regularly.

We have culled the very best historically valid and reliable 2/1000ths of one percent of almost all trading possibilities there are.  Hard to believe?  Take a look at The WebApp and see for yourself!

Time & Timing is about letting you, the trader, the analyst, the broker, get your hands on an enormous amount of accurately collated and organized data that will help you trade in your favorite markets.

Please be our guest and try out Time & Timing for free.  Go ahead, kick the tires!  It costs you nothing except 30 seconds for a quick signup.

Best wishes and good trading to you!

– Stu